Online Marketer Leads can seem HARD when you are first starting!!


A common thought when starting in the online entrepreneur niche is simply “Getting motivated leads is hard!”

It can seem especially hard in the online entrepreneur coach space because of so much competition. This is because online coaches deal with a unique issue: online entrepreneurship seems easy so it attracts a generally under-motivated crowd.

Many coaches are putting tens of hundreds of hours into making webinars, running paid ads, putting together courses, and learning how to do online marketing. These coaches have invested time and money and usually price their service accordingly. These fairly priced courses may seem outrageously priced to those who are seeing ads for online marketing coaches for the first time. For this reason many coaches try to sell to the same group of people: those that are already online marketers. 

The market is super saturated because the same groups of people are being targeted. The larger more established online marketers have a larger ad spend and so the little folks get ignored in all the noise.

One way of viewing things is that the “gold mine” should be where you can turn average everyday workers into leads – people who have never heard of online entrepreneurship and are seeing only your ads.

One problem with these newer online entrepreneur leads is that many will claim they are interested in working online but many will only make this claim because they think it is easy and they won’t spend money to educate themselves at the end of the day. Many people who fall in this category are low wage workers who continue to be low wage workers due to lack of effort.  Many will say they are interested in making money online. Yet at the same time, many will also tell you they don’t have $500 for your course and that working online is a scam. Still, they will google your terms daily and trick you into thinking they are interested.

These are some of the issues online marketers struggle with everyday on their mission to find leads and clients. For many, it can take some time to learn how to get beyond these challenges until they find success.


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